• I was meditating ... I felt a powerful current coursing through me... and ever since our work I have felt an unfurling of grace, energy blossoming from inside.
    E.D. - Intentional Community Leader - NY
  • Through the time I have known Lawrence, I have begun to engage my life more deeply. I can't explain what he does, I know that it supports my evolution and my understanding of my place in the universe.
    J.V. - Psychologist - Oakland
  • You are helping me find my true voice and I am grateful for that.
    H.E. - Stage Manager - San Francisco
  • I appreciate you and all you've supported me in. It's pretty mind blowing. Thank you for seeing the essence of me; it means a great deal to me at a very deep level.
    T.T. - Psychologist, Coach - Petaluma
  • Thank you for BEing You and standing so strongly in who You are! You are a beautiful inspiration to us all!
    J.M. - Yoga Teacher, Coach - Petaluma
  • Thank you Lawrence!  You've been a giant of inspiration for me.
    J.R. - Recovery Coach - Sacramento

Building a Beautiful World

I AM a guide and mentor for people experiencing radical life change. Personal transformation is the gateway to the healing of the collective. Building a beautiful new world for the good of all beings requires developing deep presence and our innate human capacity for healing and leadership. It requires doing our own developmental work in collaboration with all of life. 

Transformational times.

Never before have we simple humans had such opportunity and capacity to create. We are powerful beyond comprehension and uniquely able to bridge the spiritual and physical dimensions. The most transformational time in history has now come for us to realize our potential and devote ourselves to building a beautiful new world.

Deep Experience

Three decades of study and practice of evolutionary modalities with direct application in real world projects have given me a unique, grounded perspective.

For many years the meditation cushion and yoga mat have been my laboratory with large scale cultural projects the proving grounds. These practices are now revealing not just a synthesis, but a revelation of the fundamental impulse that moves me. 

Creation for the greater good. 

I love to build and I delight in helping others come alive, awake and embodied. In helping them become aware of their own power and capacity to achieve their potential. 

My background in energy medicine, global consulting, spiritual practice, leadership coaching,  shamanic art and professional education has provided me with deep insight into the needs and nature of Creators - those who are built for building and motivated by devotion to a new world. 

Life is calling. 

There is great urgency and limitless opportunity.  I invite you to explore this portal and respond to what moves you. Reach out and connect, attend an event in person or online, and share it with the others who just now popped into mind for you. 

Now is the time. 

With great love and respect,